The Second Channel Difference

  • Customer-Driven Culture

    Customer-Driven Culture
    Second Channel strives to make decisions as close to the customer as possible as a way to be agile and in sync with customers' needs. Inherent customer-driven culture is a significant capability. Customers affirm Second Channel cares more about their business' success than other 3PL’s. This results in customer loyalty and retention. Second Channel’s growth and longevity can be attributed to what we value.
  • Learning

    Learning is foundational to all we do. We listen to understand our customers’, associates’ and suppliers challenges. We seek ways to increase our knowledge in our areas of specialization. We put into practice the leading edge of technology and markets
  • Innovating

    We are constantly innovating because change is constant. We apply our learning to bring forth a new way of conducting business, a new way to serve our customers - so they can serve their customers in increasingly effective ways.
  • Teaming

    Teaming is how we get things done. We learn together, we innovate together and we deliver competitive advantage to our customers together. We succeed as a team, and we look for ways to team with our customers and suppliers.
  • Serving

    Serving is a blessing and a high honor. We serve each other. We serve our customers. We serve our community. We serve through the abundance of our resources and we will never stop.
  • Committing

    Committing ourselves to God, each other, our customers and our community is personal and corporate. Committing ourselves to our vision is daily, almost moment by moment. Committing ourselves is deep, abiding, and covenantal.
  • Timing

    Timing is critical. On-time throughout the process to delivery is our promise and a key performance indicator for our business.

Our Mission

We simplify our customers’ lives through leading edge logistics automation while serving God, our communities, and each other

Our Vision

The leader in international logistics automation