Quick-turn performance to fill gaps
across your supply chain.

We know there are some very large 3PL’s out there. One of them may be your primary provider. You demand automation and visibility for your team, but it is their low pricing that is most compelling to you. So compelling that you may accept 80% to 90% performance rates.

We get it, there’s a trade off, and it makes sense.

But, what about the 10% to 20% of the time they don’t come through, when shipments are sitting there on your dock? You need a Second Channel.

Performance when you need it most… now!

When your primary provider can’t make it happen, Second Channel is ready. Our automation and responsive infrastructure enable us to clear your dock and meet YOUR customer's’ expectations. Quick turn OTIF with visibility is our specialty. We don’t seek to replace your primary provider; we supplement in a way you can count on.

Second Channel customers have grown accustomed to OTIF with visibility

Deliveries Per Month
Parcels Picked

Our customers leverage this as an asset and competitive advantage. They rely on QTA / back up service WITH end-to-end automation and visibility. Responsiveness, quickness, individual customizable service are a hallmark of our agile delivery.

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